Sightseeing in Berlin – da kiekste!

Memorial Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (guided tour)
Memorial Berlin-Hohenschönhausen: The former detention center of the Ministry of National Security: Consequences of political persecution and oppression during the communist dictatorship.
Visit of one of the Ministries
Visit one of the Federal Ministries: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology; Federal Ministry for the Family, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth; Federal Ministry of the Interior; Federal Ministry of Finances; Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; Federal Ministry of for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety.
German Federal Council (guided tour)
A tour of the German Federal Council (Bundesrat) including a visit to the plenary chamber and a lecture explaining the functions, working methods, and composition of the Federal Council.
Panoramic Point Potsdamer Platz
Take Europes fastest elevator up to the viewing platform on Potsdamer Platz to get an excellent view over Berlin.
Berlin Medical Historical Museum at the Charité
The Berlin Medical Historical Museum at the Charité provides insights in the development of medicine over the past 4 hundred years.
Normannenstraße Research and Memorial Center (guided tour)
Exhibition of the work of national security, the various aspects of the political system and the resistance in the GDR.
Political TV show
The political TV show “Das Duell“ with Heiner Bremer, “Klipp & Klar“ with Justus Kliss, “busch@n-tv“ with Leo Busch, a celebrity from politics, business, or society.
House of Representatives (guided tour)
Abgeordnetenhaus of House of Representatives offers informative tours through the meeting place of the State Parliament of Berlin.
Silent Heroes Memorial Center
It commemorates those individuals who helped persecuted Jews during the National Socialist dictatorship.
Pergamon Museum (guided tour)
The world famous Pergamon Museum with its 3 areas of antiquity collections, the Middle East Museum and the Islamic Art Museum.
German Historical Museum incl. guided tour
Joint history of Germans and Europeans in the oldest building Unter den Linden, the Zeughaus.
Anne Frank Centre (incl. guided tour)
The world of Anne Frank illustrated in the context of National Socialism, the persecution of Jews, and the Second World War. Duration: 2 hours, max. 30 persons
Guided tour of Berlins Underworld
Offers an insight into Berlin’s history from a highly unusual perspective. Rates are valid from 20 persons.
Exhibition: “The Story of Berlin”
The “Story of Berlin“ is a multimedia adventure exhibition: an exciting journey spanning nearly 800 years of Berlin’s history.
Museum of the Berlin Wall Checkpoint Charlie
The Museum of the Berlin Wall located at the legendary border crossing Checkpoint Charlie, the hotspot of the Cold War.
Admission and guided tour of the Jewish Museum
Subject-related guided tours through the exhibition constructed in an impressive zigzag and shows more than two hundred years of German-Jewish history.
German Museum of Technology
Expand your natural science knowledge in a playful manner: 250 experiments demonstrate technical function principles.
Natural History Museum (admission only)
Natural History Museum is one of the world’s most important natural sciences museums. It houses more than 30 million objects.
TV Tower
From the 368m high eatern Berlin landmark you have an amazing and boundless view over the citys architecture from an unique perspective!
Museum for Cinema and TV (admission)
Journey through more than one hundred years of cinema and fifty years of TV history.
Zeiss-Großplanetarium Exciting rambles through astronomy with view of the artificial night sky that is never cloudy.
AquaDome & Sea LIfe Centre Berlin
Get to know Berlin’s wonder world of the seas interactive and playful!
Tropical Islands Resort
Tropical islands offer a tropical landscape with lots of water and beach, a rainforest, and original structures from countries around the tropical climate zones.
Memorial and Educational Institution House of the Wannsee Conference (guided tour)
Comprehensive information about the genocide on Jews.
German Resistance Memorial Center (guided tour)
Exhibition of motifs, methods, and objectives of the fight against the unconstitutional National Socialist government.
Berlin Chambers of Horrors
Take a chilling walk through the labyrinth of the WW II air-raid shelter featuring live scenes, creepy figures, and eerie sounds.
D light – Youth Nightclub
Disco D light is the first club for school groups that offers safety, affordability, control, and foremost fun.
GDR museum (admission only)
The everyday life in the GDR is alive and interactive; discover it in a playful way.
Brauhaus Südstern (guided tour)
Brauhaus Südstern Guided tour through all stages of beer production. Guided tour incl. 2 soft drinks and snack:
Memorial Berlin Wall (guided tour)
Authentic reports about the history and the events concerning the Berlin Wall.
Topography of Terror Documentation Center (guided tour)
Information about the most significant institutions of the National Socialist persecution and terror machinery.
Madame Tussauds Wax Figures (admission only)
Madame Tussauds Wax Figures in Berlin - how these wax figures are created is demonstrated during an educational tour
Berlin City Museum - Märkische Museum incl. workshop
Berlin City Museum (Stadtmuseum Berlin) – the Märkische Museum offers many workshops for students such as: “Schule und System – Lernen in der DDR (School and Political System: Studying in the German Democratic Republic),” “Berliner Köpfe – Zeit und Geschichte verstehen“ (Berlin Minds: Understand Time and History)” …
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (incl. workshop)
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas): Germany’s central Holocaust memorial, a place of remembrance and to commemorate the six million victims. Duration: 135 minutes, max. 25 persons
Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany
You can attend 45-minute lectures at the plenary chamber in the Reichstag building to learn important facts about the functions, working methods, and composition of Parliament.
Ascent to an altitude of 150 meters above the capitol’s rooftops in one of the world’s biggest helium balloons.
Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen (guided tour)
Stories of political persecution based on individual fates at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Duration: 2 hrs, max. 30 persons (payable on site)
The Bode Museum (guided tour)
The Bode Museum is a great museum exhibiting a sculpture collection, the Museum of Byzantine Art and coins
Old Museum (guided tour)
The Old museum holds an antiquities’ collection in one of the most important buildings in classicistic architecture.
The New Museum (guided tour)
The New Museum features exciting exhibitions in the Egyptian Museum, the Papyrus collection, and prehistoric and early historic collections.
Old National Gallery (guided tour)
Old National Gallery is a magnificent art museum located at the museum’s island (Museumsinsel) exhibiting classicistic, romantic, impressionistic, and early modern works.
Brecht-Weigel Memorial (incl. guided tour)
Exhibition about the life and work of the author Bertolt Brecht and his wife, Helene Weigel.
ZDF Morgenmagazin (Morning Show)
ZDF Morgenmagazin (Morning Show) means TV close-up under live conditions.
Shows at VIVA & MTV
Experience celebrities from the music and show business live.
The Picasso Story (admission only)
The Picasso Story Biographical show of the artist Pablo Picasso with selected photos, ceramics, and graphics.
Dali– the exhibition (admission only)
Dali– the exhibition boasts more than 400 exhibits from the work and life of this colorful person and is located in the heart of the city at Potsdamer Platz.
Bauhaus-Archiv Museum
History and influence of the Bauhaus, the most important school of architecture, design, and art in the 20th century.
The Zoo and Aquarium (admission only)
One of Germany’s zoos with most tradition and most significant aquarium: Adventure houses and parks, terrariums and aquariums right in the center of Berlin.
The Zoo (admission)
Large outside spaces for ungulates, large water surfaces for feathered birds and flamingos and impressive animal housing.
Botanical Garden (guided tour)
Thematic tour through the fascinating world of plants.
Gardens of the World (guided tour)
Worldwide horticultural art: tours through the seven gardens of the world
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